Lesson 1: Sara’s Baby Teeth

Image: Pediatric oral anatomy.

So that Sara doesn’t have to keep her mouth open through my whole lesson, I’ll be using some diagrams to illustrate pediatric oral anatomy. To review the deciduous, or primary dentition, we will start from the front of the mouth and move backward.

The first teeth to come in are the central (3-12 months) and lateral incisors (9-16 months) located in the anterior of the mandible and maxilla. The cuspid teeth (16-22 months) are rounded and located behind the incisors. The first molars (14-18 months) and second molars (23-31 months) are the last baby teeth to erupt, and they are located in the posterior, or back, of the mouth.

The first primary teeth typically appear at six months. At age five, deciduous tooth loss begins to make room for the secondary teeth. Many times the first permanent molars are thought to be primary teeth and do not get the restorative attention needed.