Lesson 3: Tooth Whitening

Image: Teeth before and after extrinsic stain removal.

Dr. Lee to Mary: "There is a spectrum of options for extrinsic stain removal that range from short- to long-term, and from low to high efficacy. Some of these you can perform at home, while others are performed here in the office."

You can remove surface stains with a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste and/or dental prophylaxis. You can further lighten your tooth enamel color by chemical tooth bleaching using gel trays. This can be done at home over a series of weeks to months. You can also use whitening strips at home, which typically require less time than gel trays.

The short-term option is an in-office whitening procedure that takes about an hour. You've indicated that you would like the in-office whitening, and we will do that today.