Dr. Lee to Martin: "Individuals with periodontal disease achieve better oral health when a long-term maintenance program is practiced regularly."

In addition to regular visits to a dentist, several procedures at home augment professional treatment that center around daily mechanical plaque removal. These include tooth brushing, interdental cleaning, antimicrobial oral rinses, and fluoride treatment. Improper interdental cleaning is a major contributor to poor oral health.

Dr. Lee to Martin: "Proper flossing is an essential part of keeping your teeth clean and healthy. I am going to show you the proper technique. When the floss is at the gum line, curve it into an arc around each tooth until there is mild resistance. Gently move the floss over the tooth’s surface and beneath the gum line where plaque collects. Ideally, use a fresh stretch of floss for each tooth."

Image: Proper flossing technique.