The Goals of Periodontal Therapy

The primary goal in periodontal therapy is to achieve periodontal health consistent with overall health and to reduce any future risk in disease recurrence and/or progression. Early diagnosis and prevention of periodontal disease is paramount to lessening the impact of diabetes on the outcome of periodontal therapy.

A periodontal treatment plan for the diabetic patient should encompass the following goals:40

  • Complete periodontal assessment, even in children
  • Identify level and consistency of diabetic control
  • Consultation with primary care provider
  • Complete medical history of diabetic state (updated at each visit)
  • Continued appropriate diabetic control throughout treatment
  • Consider systemic antibiotics if diabetes is poorly controlled
  • Provide patient education and motivation
  • Prepare the office for diabetic medical emergencies

The entire dental team, working together with medical colleagues, must become increasingly involved in the management of patients with diabetes and perform periodontal screening as a matter of routine of all patients diagnosed with diabetes.