IPV and EM are widespread problems that permeate all ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic segments of our society. IPV is the leading health risk to women in the country and thousands of elderly are annually maltreated/exploited/neglected by family members. Though all health professionals are legally mandated to report suspected cases of child maltreatment to the proper authorities, consistent with the laws of the jurisdiction in which they practice, medical reporting of cases of IPV and EM may vary by state. If in doubt, ask; to fail to report when mandated could lead to loss of license. Unfortunately, dentists, as a group, have been fairly inactive participants in recognizing and reporting IPV and EM when compared to other health professionals. Many visual and behavioral symptoms of IPV and EM are easily discernable to dentists who are well-informed of and alert to these problems. This continuing education course will provide information on IPV and EM; describe their victims and perpetrators; and outline dentists’ responsibilities to recognize, report, treat, and prevent such cases.