Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the dental professional should be able to:

  • Identify key search terms using the components of a PICO question (Patient/Population Problem, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome).
  • Navigate PubMed’s home page.
  • Apply PubMed’s Filters and Advance Search Features in conducting an efficient search.
  • Search the PubMed MeSH Database to find the correct indexing terms.
  • Describe how to use Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT) to combine search terms.
  • Discuss how using the PubMed ‘Filters’ feature assists in finding the highest levels of evidence.
  • Explain how to combine previous search queries using the Advanced Search History feature.
  • Effectively use PubMed to find evidence to answer a question using the PubMed features including: MeSH, Boolean Operators, Filters, and the Advance Search History.
  • Conduct a PubMed search using the Clinical Queries feature.
  • Compare the traditional comprehensive PubMed search with using the PubMed Clinical Queries feature.