ADHD - The Family Relationship

To reach their full potential, children and adults with ADHD need guidance and understanding from parents, families and teachers. Mental health professionals can educate the family of those with ADHD about the condition and how it affects a family. These professionals can also help the family develop new skills, attitudes and ways of relating to each other. Examples include:

  • Parenting skills training to teach parents skills needed to encourage and reward positive behaviors.
  • Stress management techniques can benefit the family by increasing the ability to deal with frustration, so they can respond calmly to inappropriate behavior.
  • Support groups can help connect with others who have similar problems and concerns.

As mentioned earlier, adults with ADHD are very likely to have children with ADHD. The issues associated with children (homecare issues, tardiness, missed appointments, etc.) may be the result of the ADHD parent. chat Let's get started!