Compressor Cuff

The compressor cuff consists of an inflatable rubber bladder enclosed in an inelastic covering and the pressure source consisting of a rubber hand bulb and pressure control valve. An appropriately sized cuff should cover 2/3 of the biceps; it should have a width that equals at least 40% of the arm’s circumference; and its bladder should be long enough to encircle >80% of the arm.12 Thus, children require smaller cuffs and obese patients require larger cuffs (Table 3).

Table 3. Cuff selection sizing.
Patient SizeArm CircumferenceCuff Bladder Size
Child or small adult< 23 cm12 cm x 18 cm
Standard adult< 33 cm12 cm x 26 cm
Large adult

 < 50 cm

12 cm x 40 cm