Fifteen Excuses for a Closed Mind Toward the Practice of Ergonomic Concepts in Four-Handed Dentistry

This author has heard them all. Some of the most common reasons or excuses for not practicing ergonomics in dentistry are listed below. These reasons have been given by dental professionals of all ages; some with newly designed offices and others with offices that were designed 20 or more years ago.

  1. I am too connected to the old way.
  2. We are not competent in those techniques.
  3. It seems like a nuance that will not last for long.
  4. It would be a major change in our routine.
  5. We are already exhausted and our time is saturated with so much technology now.
  6. How do I know we won’t be worse off than we are now?
  7. I know this equipment and I will lose control if we have to change.
  8. It costs too much.
  9. That is how the equipment is designed, so I just work around it.
  10. It’s too radical a change.
  11. It just seems like more work.
  12. My staff may want more money if we increase production.
  13. I don’t think my patients will like it.
  14. It’s not required by OSHA.
  15. It just won’t work in our office. chat Let's get started!