Dental Unit Components Including Air/Water Syringe, Handpieces, HVE System

A dental unit (Figure 6) should include:

  1. Components that are lightweight and have smooth flexible hosing (Figure 6a).
  2. Components that are easy to use.
  3. Handpiece tubing system that offers light for fiber-optic handpieces or can be used with non-fiberoptic handpieces.
  4. Easy positioning within 21 inches of the assistant so instruments can readily be passed to the operator without infringing on the patient.
  5. Attachments to the hoses that are sterilizable, discardable.
  6. Air-driven and electric handpieces that provide a range of speeds.
  7. Locking mechanisms for hoses that prevent tugback.
  8. An air/water syringe that retains an angled tip that is easily rotated (Figure 6b).
  9. Possible stand-alone prophylaxis unit
  10. In addition, other components dependent on practice need.
    1. Multiple options for additional HVE and saliva ejectors.
    2. Direct connections for a solid separator
    3. Additional A/W syringes or air alone syringe
    4. Hosing for ultrasonic scaler
    5. Hosing for ElectroSurge
    6. Curing light
    7. Isolite attachment
Figure 6a.
fig06a lite components
Figure 6b.
fig06b air water syringe chat Let's get started!