Before a dentist can become actively engaged in purchasing ergonomic equipment the delegated space must be evaluated and made ready for the equipment. Consider the following prior to finalizing the equipment purchase:

  • Remove clutter from the area. Clutter can result in tension and stress.
  • Organize the work area with materials placed in locations based on frequency of use and ease of handling.
  • Minimize noise. Pad devices that make loud noises and move computer printers to an area that will not disturb the staff or patient.
  • Reduce volume on intercom and speakers.
  • Pay attention to the temperature of the room and position the chairs and operating stools out of the direct line of air flow from vents.
  • And don’t forget, this is a good time to completely redecorate the facility. Look for up to date décor and color that will add to the comfort of the staff and patients. chat Let's get started!