Patient Chair

The patient chair (Figure 1a and b) should:

  1. Have a thin narrow back to facilitate access to the patient’s oral cavity by the operating team.
  2. Have a concave seat and lower lumbar support for the patient.
  3. Be void of wide wings that prohibit the assistant and operator from being seated close to the patient.
  4. Have an automatic pre-set positioner that places the patient in the supine position.
  5. Be free of protrusive devices on the back.
  6. Provide for mobile neck and head support for the patient.
  7. Be easily positioned for right or left handed operators.
  8. Be easy to clean and disinfect and be free of fabric upholstery.

Figure 1.
Dental patient chair images including pediatric chair.
a. Courtesy of DentalEZ, Malvern, PA.
b. Pediatric chair provides thin narrow back and body and arm supports but the overall size is smaller to accommodate a younger patient. chat Let's get started!