Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the dental professional should be able to:

  • Describe and discuss each team member’s responsibilities during an instrument transfer.
  • Recognize and discuss specific instrument transfer techniques including the single‑handed transfer, two‑handed transfer, hidden syringe transfer, pen grasp, modified pen grasp, palm grasp and palm thumb/thumb‑to‑nose grasp.
  • Discuss the benefits of a proper instrument transfer technique.
  • Review and understand questions to be asked before purchasing patient dental chairs, operator and assistant’s stools, mobile cabinets, and dental unit delivery systems.
  • Discuss the required commitment on the part of the members of the operating team to specific work practices before and during a dental procedure.
  • Describe the role of an additional set of hands as used in six handed dentistry.
  • Describe the need for required practice on the part of the team in order to attain proficiency.
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