Use of Isolite

The Isolite system is a minimally invasive, easy‑to‑use alternative to traditional forms of isolation (such as rubber dam and manual suction & retraction). The dental isolation system is becoming popular in many dental practices because it gives the practice unprecedented control of the oral environment. The key to the systems’ effectiveness is the family of Isolite Mouthpieces that are used with the system. Isolite Systems offers a full suite of morphologically and anatomically correct mouthpieces designed to fit the spectrum of patients, making it easy to have effective isolation for every mouth of every size. The system, shown in Figure 36, enables the clinician to practice more efficiently as the tongue and cheek are readily retracted with the Isolite Mouthpiece in place. The maxillary and mandibular quadrants are isolated simultaneously. The mouthpiece obturates the throat to prevent inadvertent aspiration of fluids and oral debris. At the same time, fluids are continuously aspirated and oral humidity is controlled at approx. 43%. Isolite Mouthpieces come in a variety of sizes (from Pediatric to Large Adult) and are easy to insert and comfortable for the patient.

Figure 36.
dentist and assistant using a microscope to improve visibility and a second assistant on the side
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