Assessment Evaluations

There are various ways to evaluate your assessment scores. One is to look at the individual statements and notice where you gave yourself scores of 1or 2. These are specific areas that need improvement and steps should be taken immediately to correct these deficits.

The second is to take the total scores in each section and compare how balanced they are in relation to each other. Are your scores in the Financial Health Assessments much higher than in the Emotional Health Assessments? Such a discrepancy would indicate while you are earning gobs of money, you are dissatisfied with how you're doing it. If your Emotional Health Assessment scores in both the Personal and Professional assessments are low, then assistance should be sought to investigate whether your personal life is affecting your professional life and vice versa. Your goal for Total Success is to create balance in the three areas financial, physical and health areas and between personal and professional lives.

For a graphic representation of how the scores in the various categories contribute to the overall balance and satisfaction in your life, plot the total scores attained in each area on the Total Success Wheel (Figure 6). With the center of the wheel as zero and the outermost circumference 100, draw an arc that corresponds to your score in each category. The variance or imbalance of the category scores will determine how regular or irregular the wheel appears. If one imagines the wheel to be a tire on a bike, then the more irregular the tire wheel, the bumpier the ride (Figure 7).

Figure 6. Total Success Wheel
Figure 7. Plotted values on Total Success Wheel

Balancing and aligning the wheel by improving those areas in an individual’s life that are deficient, creates a smoother ride to a successful and fulfilling life. The Success Assessments are intended to give you answers as to how balanced or bumpy your life is now. It doesn’t answer the question on how to achieve Total Success, but it gives us an idea of where to start. The good news is that we all have the answers within ourselves; it’s just a matter of finding the success strategies that are in alignment with our values.

Next to the present state in the major goal section of the blueprint, list the areas most in need of improvement to achieve Total Success.11-13