Creating a Blueprint to Achieve Total Success

Whether you’re just starting a career or been in business for 20 years, it is important you develop a routine that clarifies goals and gives direction to achieve them. By creating and following a Blueprint for Total Success, your long and short-term goals are successfully achieved.

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, wrote “All men seek one goal: success or happiness. First have a definite clear, practical ideal – a goal, an objective. Second have the necessary means to achieve your ends - wisdom, money, materials and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.”

A more modern day philosopher and baseball great, Yogi Berra stated, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”

As important as goal setting is in achieving success, most people spend more time shopping for a new car than planning their lives by setting goals. The problem most people have with achieving their goals is the goals they set for themselves are vague and general and thus seem too overwhelming to achieve. When setting goals one must clarify outcomes in detail and then determine exactly how to accomplish them. The most effective way to successfully achieve goals is to follow a blueprint that provides a step-by-step process to set and achieve goals. Once the blueprint is in place, major goals which seem too overwhelming to achieve, are broken down into smaller more manageable minor goals and tasks.

Building a life of Total Success is like building a house. All houses share certain features. They have bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and living areas with the necessary plumbing and electrical requirements. However, depending on a homeowner’s specifications, houses will differ from each other in their layout, their construction and their decoration. When building your dream house, you don’t stand next to the builder at the construction site giving instructions on whether to put the living room here and the bedroom there. You go to an architect to design a detailed blueprint for the builder to follow during construction. With the blueprint in hand, the builder knows exactly what has to be accomplished to successfully build a home. The builder knows where to lay the foundations, which rooms are on the first floor, which on the second floor and the materials needed to finish the job. Similarly, with the blueprint in hand, the homeowner can monitor the builder to insure construction is progressing exactly as planned. Once the house is constructed, the final decorating touches are added.

The same is true when trying to build a successful life. You can’t achieve success haphazardly. You need a blueprint to determine how you want your life structured. You need to arrange the cornerstones of your life so they are in balance with each other. You need a blueprint to establish those talents and skills you need to achieve Total Success. You need a blueprint to enable you to make effective choices to achieve the life you desire.

The seven sections in your Blueprint for Total Success provide direction. Each section covers a step in the development of the blueprint (Figure 1).

The seven sections are:

  • Major Goals
  • Minor Goals
  • Tasks
  • Success Values
  • Hungers
  • Visual Images/Monitors
  • Obstacles

The Major Goals section is subdivided into:

  • Goal
  • Validation
  • Desired state
  • Present state
  • Difference
  • Intended date of completion (I.D.O.C.)

The eight steps involved in completing your Blueprint for Total Success are:

  1. Step One: Discover who you are
  2. Step Two: Discover where you are
  3. Step Three: Visualize your goals
  4. Step Four: Validate your goals
  5. Step Five: Identify obstacles
  6. Step Six: Establish your timetable
  7. Step Seven: Decide on your strategies
  8. Step Eight: Monitor your success

Step One: Discover Who You Are – Values and Emotional Needs
The first step in creating your Blueprint for Total Success is discovering who you are. Returning to the building a house analogy, the first step when building a house is buying land. Before purchase it is necessary to assess if the land is suitable for construction so the necessary improvements can be determined. The same is true when creating goals. It’s not until you define your identity that you can create your Blueprint for Total Success. You can’t design a Blueprint for Total Success until you answer the question “Who are you?”

If we were to meet and I asked “Who are you?” you might answer "I'm a 28 year old dental student, single, $250,000 in debt, blond hair, fit, love to hike, and travel"

What you described is not “Who you are”, but “What you are”. You wrote down your vital statistics, what you do for a living, your appearance, and your environment. None of this information is necessary to achieve your goals or live a life of enjoyment.

To answer the question “Who are you?,” you must become aware of your: success values, emotional needs and visions.