Establish a Timetable

What is my timetable for achieving my goal?

Business visionary Dale Carnegie wrote “A goal is a dream with a timetable.”  A date by which a goal is to be achieved must be pinpointed.  The date is recorded in the space labeled “I.D.O.C.” (Intended Date Of Completion) in the major goal section.  Until an intended completion date for the goal is indicated, a timetable and strategies to succeed cannot be developed.  The intended date of completion provides a sense of urgency towards achieving a goal.  Having it in front of you on a daily basis helps maintain focus.  Not having it, leads to dawdling and delaying techniques.  As the I.D.O.C. for a particular goal is approached, the likelihood of successful completion of the goal can be evaluated and the strategies used for achievement can be reaffirmed or changed.

For example:  As the I.D.O.C. for the goal, “I will have an accumulated wealth of $100,000” in five years (see Figure 2), draws near, the likelihood of achieving that goal can be evaluated by checking the actual accumulation of wealth.  If $100,000 or more is accumulated, the strategies used to achieve the goal are affirmed and continued.  If significantly less than $100,000 is accumulated, than either the strategies used are ineffective and are to be reconsidered or the goal is unrealistic and needs to be reevaluated.