Identifying Emotional Needs

Before we can learn how to appropriately satisfy our emotional needs it isnecessary to identify them.

Rate the following emotional needs from 1 (No way that's me) to 5 (Definitely me). On the blank Blueprint for Total Success (see figure 1), list those emotional needs you rated highest in the box marked "Emotional Needs".

Listing of Emotional Needs

Referring to Figure 2 (Emotional Needs box), there are two listed needs; theneeds to receive praise and to be in control. If looked upon in the context of adentist’s personal and professional lives, these emotional needs can besatisfied through various avenues. The need to receive praise can be satisfiedby receiving praise from patients, staff, civic organizations and family. Assuming the dentist receives sufficient praise to satisfy the emotional needfrom patients and staff, the dentist may not need to infringe on family timewith excessive involvement with civic organizations. However, if the need to bein control affects staff management style, and the dentist does not receiveadequate praise from staff, the need to seek praise from another outlet (civicorganizations) may be sought. This may reduce the time spent with familyresulting in overall familial discontent.

Once emotional needs are recognized, you have the ability to evaluate how wellthe goals you want to achieve will satisfy them. The greater satisfaction andthe less conflict you derive from working toward and achieving your goals, thegreater chance of achieving Total Success.