Validating Goals

Why are these goals are important to me?

Goals must be validated. Validation gives credibility to your goals. Unless you can come up with a good reason for your goals, it will be difficult to stay focused on achieving them. For example, if your goal to be fit and maintain a specific weight is to enable you to live a long, healthy, active life, you will constantly work toward reaching and maintaining that goal. If your reason for losing weight is to get into a special suit or dress to wear to your 20-year high school reunion to impress an old flame, you’ll work hard to reach your goal initially. Once the reunion passed and you totally demoralized your old flame with how great you look, your motivation to continue working toward that goal will be diminished, resulting in regaining the lost weight.

If your goal is to retire at a relatively young age, validate the reason. Is it to enjoy your family and hobbies while you’re still healthy? Is it because you hate your job? Is it just to impress others? The greater your validation, the greater likelihood of fulfilling your goals. Record your validation on your blueprint (see Figure 1).