The Dental Professional’s Role in the Education and Recommendations

E-cigarettes may be a gateway to nicotine use, they can increase the use of conventional cigarettes, which clearly have significant health and dental impacts. Dental professionals should understand the general concepts of e-cigarettes and, specifically, any health risks associated with this new device. Should it be recommended as an alternative method of tobacco cessation? Through open communication and trust the clinician can actively engage in conversations with the patient to identify the pros and cons of using e-cigarettes. The more informed dental professionals are on this specific topic, the more information they can provide their patients of healthier alternatives, especially with children and adolescents. This knowledge, presented in a non-judgmental atmosphere, will make the dental professional a valuable asset in a patient’s willingness to attempt change.

Dental professionals should consider having educational information regarding ENDS available in their offices. Having this information readily available to patients will more likely open discussion between the patient and clinician. chat Let's get started!