This continuing education (CE) course defines oral health literacy. It was developed to offer dental health professionals and students an innovative way to improve oral health literacy.

The course is designed to empower children and their families with proper knowledge about routine dental health maintenance, oral disease prevention, good dietary choices and careers in dentistry by training dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental professional students to present the Lessons in a Lunch Box program.

The purpose of this course is to thoroughly educate dental professionals and students about the program and to teach them the necessary steps to efficiently present these materials to their audience. The course will equip professionals and students with information and resources necessary to offer this oral health education presentation in the communities they serve. A “dentally designed” lunch box and a dental hygiene products container crafted in the likeness of a fresh carrot are used to aid in presenting the program, in capturing the attention of young audiences and in making sure the meaningful lessons being taught are remembered long after the one hour presentation.

Oral health professionals and students will be asked to complete this CE course assignment prior to participating in the Lessons in a Lunch Box program at a registered elementary school.

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