Section B: How to Register Elementary Schools for the Program (Steps 1 – 3)

On to Section B. As previously stated, Section B will take you through the 3 steps necessary to register your elementary school for the Lessons in a Lunch Box program.

This first step in the registration process includes completing the registration form online and emailing it to The Children’s Oral Health Institute by going to the website or downloading the registration forms and faxing them.

This step is dependent upon receipt of the registration form by The Children’s Oral Health Institute. Once the registration form is received, an email will be generated asking the school principal to provide the required permission letter stating children in grades 2 and 3 can receive the lunch boxes and carrot case for the Lesson in a Lunch Box program to be presented by you and your organization. A draft of this letter can be found on The Children’s Oral Health Institute website to make this step easier for the school principal to expeditiously and promptly complete.

Next the shipping of the lunch boxes is to be addressed. Once the necessary financial arrangements have been made the shipment of the lunch boxes directly to the school will be scheduled to arrive approximately 5 days prior to your Lessons in a Lunch Box presentation.

If you are not personally assuming the cost to ship the lunch boxes to the elementary school, the 5 senarios listed offer a means by which the expense could be addressed.

Congratulations you have completed Sections A and B of Part 2. A final review of what is is necessary to be in place for you to ensure the program reaches the elementary school is outlined here.