Section C: Final Program Recommendations (Steps 1 – 3)

Section 3 offers some final program recommendations and includes 3 key suggestions that continue to prove significant to the forward progress of the Lessons in a Lunch Box program.

Now that you are ready to present Lessons in a Lunch Box to the elementary school, just a few important house keeping notes should be reviewed. This includes (1) making a call to the school to ensure the lunch boxes have arrived and that (2) the contact person(s) in fact has confirmed receipt of the lunch boxes. (3), Confirm exactly who is responsible for having the cafeteria and the audiovisual equipment ready.

If you elect to engage the media, information is available to assist you by going to The Children’s Oral Health Institute’s website. There you will find the eMedia Lessons in a Lunch Box Press Kit. This folder will include useful, previously written press releases, a bullet point description of the program, articles and more.

Notes from the teachers and letters and drawings from the children are not only appreciated and fun to read but they are useful. The educators’ surveys are also important.

Appeal to have the children and the teachers and even the parents write letters to express how they feel about the Lessons in a Lunch Box program and their newly acquired lunch box and carrot case treasures. These letters not only help to advance the Lessons in a Lunch Box program but supporters enjoy reading some of these special notes from the children and others.

This house keeping note is just a reminder to encourage teachers to complete The Children’s Oral Health Institute survey.

To conclude, The Children’s Oral Health Institute is so pleased to be able to offer this oral health literacy CE course via the Lessons in a Lunch Box program through the generous support of P&G Crest + Oral-B.

Many thanks is extended to each and every oral health professional for their willingness to take this course to help improve the oral health literacy of children and their families through the Lessons in a Lunch Box program. We hope you enjoyed the lecture and wish you much success with your program presentation. You are now ready to take the test to receive CE credit.