The topics in this course should only be a starting point for you in your pursuit of a position in dental public health. This course has directed you to (1) make decisions about what you would like to do in dental public health; (2) understand your state’s dental practice act, (3) locate a network of people to help you become connected, (4) use volunteerism as a stepping stone to a public health position and (5) consider your educational needs. And, remember, a career path can be reversed, you may change your mind and you definitely will find that there are detours along the way. The career of dental hygiene offers many new pathways as alternative providers emerge, place-based care is developed and creative mechanisms for meeting the needs of special populations are implemented. Positions that are not even considered today will open up and make the field of dental public health more exciting than ever. Now is the time to get ready for the future. Best wishes!

Please note: This course is designed to present avenues to pursue when considering a position in dental public health. You will gain far more from this course by spending time on the suggested Internet activities. The value of the course decreases if the Internet activities are not completed. The “test” at the end is purely to help you summarize what you have gained from the course. There are no correct or incorrect answers in the test.