STEP TWO – Become Familiar with Your Dental Practice Act

Familiarity with the dental practice act and what the dental hygienist is allowed to do in your particular state is critical. The law set forth in the dental practice act plays a deciding role in how the dental hygienist can provide care in public health settings. The next step in this process is to know your dental practice act and its possibilities and limitations.

ACTIVITY POINT:  Access your state’s dental practice act. This can typically be found on the website of your state’s dental board. Check the practice act for types of supervision and for special laws that deal with dental care in public health settings.

To keep abreast of ever-changing dental practice acts, you can regularly review the Advocacy Link on the American Dental Hygienists’ Association’s (ADHA) website: ADHA employs individuals to serve as lobbyists and monitors all state’s legislative activities. Also, become acquainted with your state’s Dental Hygienists’ Association and its activities. The state dental hygienists’ association serves as the voice of dental hygienists in your state and new legislative activities which affect the practice of dental hygiene will be on the radar of members of the executive board and legislative committee.