Blood Pressure Categories

The American Heart Association recommends blood pressure screening occur starting at age 20, unless a medical condition would require a patient younger than 20 years of age be checked.  Blood pressure readings defined by the American Heart Association include normal, prehypertension, two stages of hypertension, and hypertensive crisis.  Prehypertension is a designation meant to alert patients of a need to intervene and prevent hypertension.  Patients in this designation have increasing health risks and need to make major lifestyle changes to return to a normal reading.  If changes are not made, prehypertension may progress into hypertension – a serious health risk.  Treatment options for hypertension usually require prescription medications and should be discussed, prescribed, and monitored by a physician.

Blood Pressure CategorySystolic
mm Hg
mm Hg
Normal (optimum)<120<80
Hypertension (Stage 1)140–15990–99
Hypertension (Stage 2)>160>100
Hypertensive Crisis>180>110
Source: American Heart Association 2015