AcceleDent® Aura is a new device in the orthodontic field which has been marketed to accelerate the rate of OTM. The device consists of a mouthpiece that the patient bites on, attached to an extraoral activator. The device vibrates at 30Hz, 25g (0.25N) and is intended to be used for 20 minutes daily.31,32 The use of vibration to alter bone remodeling is based on research findings which found vibration to enhance bone density33-36 and bone fracture healing,37,38 increase amounts of osteoblasts,39 and increase bone remodeling.40 In the dental field, vibration has been shown in animals to improve healing and thicken trabeculae of extraction sites in rats,41 and increase OTM, osteoclasts, and RANKL expression.42

In humans, no increased root resorption was found in subjects using the device during 6 months of orthodontic treatment, confirming the device’s safety.31 Another clinical trial showed 67% compliance rates and improved satisfaction and discomfort over time, with negative side effects being drooling and noise.32 An initial randomized control trial with subjects using the device 20 minutes daily during the retraction of upper canines into upper first premolar extraction sites showed 0.37mm more OTM per month in the group using the AcceleDent® device, resulting in 48.1% faster OTM in the group with the vibration.43 Another study found a 30% increase in the rate of leveling in the initial orthodontic stages.44 Conversely, a randomized trial found no alteration in leveling and aligning rates when using the device.45 While the AcceleDent® Aura is currently FDA approved for fixed orthodontic treatment, its efficacy is still unclear.