Infection Prevention Education and Training

Compliance with Standard and Transmission-based Precautions is significantly improved when HCP understand the rationale for written policies and practices. Infection prevention education and training is mandated prior to initial assignment of HCP to tasks in which exposure to blood and OPIM may occur and at least annually thereafter.2,3 It is intuitive that infection prevention education should start during training in the health professions. Education and training has been related to a decrease in HAI.

The objectives of the infection prevention education training program are to instruct HCP regarding (1) the risk of HAIs; (2) preventive strategies; (3) post-exposure evaluation and follow-up; and (4) administrative controls. The program shall reflect current best practice recommendations made by federal, state, and local agencies and professional organizations. OSHA requires that documentation of participation in each infection prevention education training program be maintained for 3 years.2,3