Dental Patient Management

A thorough medical and dental history, and oral exam should be performed prior to treatment with BTX. Informed consent should be obtained.5,6

After a BTX injection, prolonged observation is not necessary; 10-15 minutes is sufficient. It is important to document the amount and type of BTX used, as well as site(s) of injection and patient response. The wheals/welts that may occur at the injection site generally disappear in a few hours. Depending on the condition being treated, results may occur immediately or take up to several weeks following the injection, and results can increase as time passes.5,6

Generally, effects of treatment are seen in 5-10 days and last about 6 months, with a range of 4-8 months. The patient should be instructed to return for repeat treatment when symptoms return. It is important not to retreat prematurely as this can result in buildup of antibodies to BTX that would dilute the effect of further treatment as well as contribute to muscle atrophy.5,6