Dental Management Considerations

Additional important information can be determined by direct questioning and by observation.

  • How will the patient get to his or her appointment? If s/he can no longer drive, does s/he have access to private or public transportation?
  • What time of day is best suited to the patient's visits?
  • Is there a "caregiver" (someone who makes it possible for the patient to remain living at home, even though the patient is no longer fully independent due to disability)?
  • What oral hygiene procedures does the patient need assistance with, if any?
  • What physical impairments, if any, prevent or complicate optimal oral hygiene?
  • Is the patient taking medications or a combination of medicines that have oral side effects?
  • Is the patient's nutritional status adequate?
  • Can this patient tolerate a supine position or any seating position for an extended period? chat Let's get started!