In-office Cleaning Procedure

Photo showing denture cleaning procedures.

Step 1:

Office care of prostheses can include an ultrasonic cleaning with tartar and stain remover. Start by placing the prosthesis and cleaner in a container, such as a beaker or a small self-sealing, plastic bag.

Photo showing denture soaking.

Step 2:

Then the container is placed in the ultrasonic chamber, which in turn is filled with water or general purpose cleaner. The unit is then run according to the manufacturer's directions.

Photo showing denture rinsing.

Step 3:

Thorough rinsing is the next step. Check that the prosthesis is free of debris, calculus, and stain. Remove any remaining deposits with a hand scaler.

Use of a mouthwash after the procedure can help to freshen the patient's breath. chat Let's get started!