Summary of Maxillary Landmarks

Table 1. Summary of Maxillary Radiographic Landmarks.
Landmark Brief Description Radiolucent / Radiopaque Periaplical Bilateral / Unilateral Alternate Name
Anterior Nasal Spine Triangular Point Radiopaque Central Incisor Unilateral  
Coronoid Process Triangular Radiopaque Molar Bilateral  
Hamular Process Finger-like Radiopaque Molar Bilateral Pterygoid Hamulus
Incisive Foramen Round/Oval Radiolucent Central Incisor Unilateral Nasopalatine Foramen
Inferior Nasal Concha Round/Oval Radiopaque Central Incisor Bilateral Inferior Nasal Turbinate
Inverted Y Upside-down Y Radiopaque Lateral Incisor Canine Bilateral  
Lateral Fossa Diffuse Radiolucent Lateral Incisor Bilateral Canine Fossa
Maxillary Sinus Horizontally Oblong Radiolucent Premolar / Molar Bilateral Maxillary Antrum
Maxillary Tuberosity Rounded Radiopaque Molar Bilateral  
Mid-palatine Suture Vertical line Radiolucent Central Incisor Unilateral Median Palatal Suture
Nasal Fossa Vertically Oblong Radiolucent Central Incisor
Lateral Incisor
Bilateral Nasal Cavity
Nasal Septum Vertical Band Radiopaque Central Incisor Unilateral  
Pterygoid Plates Wing of Bone Radiopaque Molar Bilateral  
Zygomatic Bone Quadrangular-shaped Radiopaque Premolar / Molar Bilateral Malar Bone
Zygomatic Process U-shaped Radiopaque Premolar / Molar Bilateral Malar Process chat Let's get started!