Positioning the Radiograph

Positioning the radiograph vertically in the mouth for both periapical and bitewing radiographs reduces the distal extension of the radiograph and may result in greater tolerance by patients, especially those with a mild gag reflex. The vertical bitewing radiograph provides greater detail of the periapical area.

Figure 10.
Figure 11.

The Snap-A-Ray is also useful for those patients that have a fear of swallowing the radiograph. Biting on the large positioning device and watching in a mirror assure them assured they will not swallow the radiograph.

Figure 12.
Figure 13.
Figure 14.
Figure 15.

A self-sticking sponge tab may also reduce impingement of the radiograph on the intraoral soft tissue.

For patients frightened of the procedure itself, desensitization techniques may be necessary to gain the patient's cooperation.