Assistant Requirements

To maximize the efficiency of an instrument transfer technique the assistant needs to follow these guidelines:
  • Maintain instruments on a pre set instrument tray or cassette in the sequence of use to facilitate rapid location of needed instruments during a procedure.
  • Anticipate the need for the next instrument.
  • Stay alert, with eyes on the operative field, for any change in the procedure.
  • Be ready to modify the instruments when necessary.
  • Place the instrument to be transferred in proper position of hand.
  • Position the working ends of instruments need for the proper dental arch, up for the maxilla and down for the mandible.
  • Receive the used instrument from the operator.
  • Use positive pressure during the transfer of the instrument to ensure the operator senses that the instrument has been delivered; this eliminates the operator from looking away from the site or fumbling the delivered instrument.
  • Move used instrument back into hand and remove debris from the instrument.
  • Replace on the tray in the appropriate position or into transfer position if the instrument is to be used again.