Processing and Identification

Processing – The cassette should be transported to the darkroom, the exposed film removed and placed into the automatic processor. To avoid fingerprint artifacts, it is best to handle the exposed film on the edges rather than the film surface.

Figure 58.
The film should be “fed” into the processor slot and the engagement of the rollers on the film confirmed by a positive tug.

Identification – It is required by law that all radiographs be identified. Only the patient’s name, chart or record number, and date of the radiographic examination should be on the label. Labeling can be performed either indelibly or with removable labels. Indelible labeling is performed after film exposure and prior to film developing. Some panoramic machines have labeling programs that image the patient’s name, date and record number directly onto the film during exposure or just prior to processing.

Figure 59.
Indelible labeling using an “auto” labeler prior to film processing.
Figure 60.
Use of adhesive removable labeling strip attached to film after processing.