Demineralization/Remineralization begins with an historical perspective on caries. Caries was identified as a major public health problem in the 1940s. At that time, caries was the single greatest reason for rejecting draftees from enlisting in the military services in the United States in World War II. From that historical view, this course moves to the clinical practice today...from cure to prevention.

An up-to-date understanding of the caries process in both enamel and root caries are detailed through the discussion of demineralization/remineralization. Changes in approach using an "evidence-based dentistry" view of demineralization/remineralization are an integral part of this course.

Participants will understand the continued need for fluoride to help protect against the ongoing challenge to tooth structure, secondary lesions and root caries; and appreciate the need to examine the literature and evidence when applying clinical preventive techniques for caries prevention.