Dry Mouth Symptoms Check List for Patients

Even if a patient checks checkbox mark just one of these symptoms, it is worth following up with a detailed medical history review and oral exam:

Table 3. Dry Mouth Symptoms Check List for Patients
checkboxI am frequently thirsty and my physician has already ruled out Diabetes.
checkboxI drink/sip beverages all day/night long to quench my thirst with only temporary relief.
checkboxI frequently feel a sticky, tacky sensation in my mouth.
checkboxI’ve noticed that my denture/partial denture doesn’t fit as well as it should.
checkboxI’ve noticed a raw or sore and burning sensation in my mouth and on my tongue.
checkboxI’m having difficulty swallowing and it is more noticeable at night.
checkboxI’ve seen some white ‘cheesy’ patches inside my mouth that won’t go away.
checkboxI have these red sore spots/cracks at the corners of my mouth.
checkboxMy significant other has told me that I have bad breath.
To download a PDF version of the Dry Mouth Symptoms Check List, click here: