Meet the Crest + Oral-B Smile Council

Crest + Oral-B Smile Council

The Crest + Oral-B Smile Council was established in 2015 and is comprised of a core group of highly engaged, elite dental hygienists. The mission of the Smile Council is to help equip the dental professional community and their patients with the tools and resources needed to make good oral health decisions. As part of our continued commitment to ensuring everyone can have healthy, beautiful smiles for life, we created the Smile Council to help people everywhere gain access to the recommendations and unique perspectives of credible voices in the dental profession.

The Crest + Oral-B Smile Council members share in our brand's values and represent a diverse mix of professionals across several regions of the United States. As experts in oral health, each member partners their specific expertise with a clear passion for doing good in their communities and helping their patients instill the best oral health regimens possible.


Amy Hazlewood

Amy Hazlewood, BS, RDH is a dental hygienist who has been practicing clinical hygiene for over 35 years. Amy is a Distinguished Alumni of Indiana University South Bend, and recent recipient of the College of Health Sciences Alumna of the Year award. Amy has over 30 years of experience as a merit-status associate lecturer in clinical and preventive dentistry at Indiana University South Bend Dental Education.

As a 20 plus-year veteran lecturer from coast to coast, Amy has been featured on The Doctors Show, opened dental conventions with Jillian Michaels, and is the lead-hygienist in a 4-dentist, 12-hygienist practice.

Amy co-founded Dr. Angie’s Dental Health Exchange; a “pay-it-forward”, non-profit program, where low-income adults earn dental treatments donated by local dentists, by completing community service.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys three young grandsons, euchre, sewing, bicycling, and a little pickleball.


Andrew Johnston

Andrew has been practicing hygiene since 2009. He started his career working in pediatrics and as a restorative hygienist in a private practice setting. He then moved into a multi-location group practice where he does both traditional hygiene and some restorative.

Andrew shows his passion for education by cohosting a fun and uplifting podcast called, A Tale of Two Hygienists, where, each week, he and his cohost Michelle interview an industry expert on a variety of topics. The podcast is available for free on any podcasting app or on their website.

He also enjoys doing international dental trips each year with various non-profits. This profession has been great to him and he feels it his responsibility to make it great for everyone else.


Ann Ross

Ann Ross received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from one of the top accredited programs at the University of Iowa in 1991. She was highly involved with research projects at Dows Institute for Dental Research during her college years at Iowa. She has practiced dental hygiene for over 25 years in various settings in Iowa and Arizona.

Through many years of practice Ann has developed a particular interest for the aging, less fortunate, and vulnerable patients. She had a vision and recognized that this sector of the population was truly under-served. In 2008, Ann pioneered a mobile practice that could serve people with all different physical and cognitive concerns, thus Mobile Dentistry of Arizona was formed.

In 2010, Ann was awarded the first Crest-Oral B Pros in the Profession award. Two years later she won a $5,000 grant from Crest-Oral B where she utilized funds to create a preventive care program for a memory care community. During the same year, Ann was featured in RDH Magazine with “Taking Dreams to Reality”. In 2013, she was a finalist for the Health Care Heros award by the Phoenix Business Journal. Ann is very active within many community organizations such as The Arizona Geriatric Society, Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association, The Alzheimer’s Association, Assisted Living Federation of America, The Leading Age, Arizona Health Care Association, Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Arizona Dental Association.

Ann currently provides educational, clinical, administrative, and therapeutic services within her practice and in the communities of Arizona. She is passionate about the older adult population and advocates for their oral health, also serving on the Smile Council for Crest Oral B and Proctor and Gamble.

Ann enjoys exercising with her family, and cheering on her daughter at dance competitions. She enjoys mentoring her son Britton, who has been helping her with the business for 4 years now and is currently headed to dental school, following her passion for the Geriatric population. Her son Kendon is a first responder and also enjoys dental assisting, participating at health fairs, and caring for persons with physical and cognitive challenges. It is very obvious that Mobile Dentistry of Arizona would not be where it is today without the support of Ann’s husband Randy, and her family. Ann is very passionate about her company and spends time coaching staff members regarding dementia care, non-medical companies, and related senior living communities on an ongoing basis. Volunteering is also her passion and she continues to assist with community health fairs and presentations of all types. Ann truly loves teaching and community outreach.


Debora Carrier

Founder and CEO Twice as Nice Uniforms

Debora has 38 years experience as a clinical dental hygienist. Her clinical settings range from large group practices to smaller offices, specializing in the care and treatment of adults with mild to severe disabilities. She currently practices in a large group practice and has been seeing the same patients for 28 years.

Debora’s passion both in and out of the operatory is dressing professionally. As founder of Twice as Nice Uniforms, she strives to make the daily life of her fellow dental clinicians more comfortable and safe by providing high quality, temperature regulating, protective, professional looking uniforms. “I believe that when you feel better about how you are dressed you carry yourself better, perform better, and project a more professional image to your patients and colleagues”.

She firmly believes in supporting others through mentoring and belongs to several groups that support hygienists, students, entrepreneurs and other dental professionals looking to further their careers in and out of the dental profession.

In her spare time she loves cooking, traveling, interior design, and learning. Her son Jordan lives in NYC, she has a stubborn pug named Miriam, and several of her family members work for her.


Eliska Gauthier

Eliska graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Texas Woman’s University in which she will be graduating May 2018. Eliska is a member of the American Dental Hygienist Association, the Student American Dental Hygienist Association, and the Texas Dental Hygienist Association.

At Texas Woman’s University, Eliska sits on the Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee, a position she’s held since 2015. She also acts as Chair of the Dallas Dental Hygienist Association’s Student Mentor Committee and the Texas Dental Hygienist Association’s Student Affairs Committee. She taught clinical dental hygiene at her alma mater; Texas Woman’s University right after completing her Bachelors or Science in Dental Hygiene May 2015.

Eliska volunteers with dental missions, takes part in community service work, and offers student mentoring. She believes that the student body is the voice and future of our profession and becoming active within the national and local components of the American Dental Hygiene Association is change for the future. As a mentor, her goal is to help ease new graduates’ transition into the profession and guide them in enhancing their professional development.


Kareen Wilson

Kareen Wilson is a manager and patient therapist at Contemporary General Dentistry in West Hartford, CT. After spending over twenty years in educating and providing direct patient care, Mrs. Wilson also contributes editorial articles and media presentations to national TV shows, local new magazines and national trade shows.

She is a co-founder and sits of the board of Bethesda Medical Mission. Inc. a non-profit organization that provided medical and dental care with compassion to the global community. Kareen is passionate about woman and children health and human rights. She is a board member of the CDA and member of the ADHA and CDHA.

She is an adventure connoisseur and enjoys long distance running, skiing, mountain climbing, traveling and raising two amazing girls, Bryana and Kierra. She is also into anything that helps people live healthy and satisfying lives.

Kareen holds a BS degree in dental hygiene from Loma Linda University.

“I believe that smiles create happiness. If I can help my patients live happy and healthy lives by improving their smiles, then I have fulfilled my calling one smile at a time.”


Rafael Rondon

Founder of Mr. RDH

Rafael Rondon RDH, BS has have been working in the dental field for over 28 years. He spent the early part of his career working in a hospital setting and private practice.

For the past 18 years he has worked with Dental Group Practice where he has helped to develop and implement dental hygiene standards of care for the organization. This standards of care included periodontal therapy, effective communication, efficient schedules, improving patient care, and dental team development. He has dedicated his profession to helping and supporting the development of programs, individual skills, and improving the value of the profession.

Rafael’s coaching and training have helped hundreds of practices achieve their long sought after goals – improving leadership, teamwork, organizational systems, patient care, patient service, verbal skills, and patient care. He is also the founder of Mr. RDH, a male hygienist group, where his focus is to empower, inspire and enlighten men in their chosen profession. For fun he likes to cook and grill with his family, as well as travel.


Sarah Thiel

CEO/Founder of CE Zoom

Sarah Thiel has been in the dental field since 2000, and has been a practicing dental hygienist since 2007. She is the CEO/CO-Founder of CE Zoom and an expert in anything related to Continuing Education.

Sarah is currently serving as secretary on the state of New Mexico dental hygiene committee and on the state dental board. Sarah is very passionate about continuing education along with regulation and compliance and has been studying all 50 state’s rules and regulations for the last 5 years to ensure dental professionals are compliant to renew their professional license.

She is also a dental hygiene board examiner for CRDTS and WREB, a speaker, speaking mostly to state dental boards and dental hygienists, and still manages to work clinically one day a week. Sarah is on the Smile Council for Crest + Oral-B b and works closely with them on educating the medical professionals to make oral health top of mind when they have a patient with a systemic disease inhibited by inflammation. She is also an advisory board member for Today’s RDH publication.

On a personal level, Sarah is a wife and a mother of 3 young children who are her motivation to do her best at everything and the reason she is who she is today. chat Let's get started!