Classification of Gingival Diseases
Gingivitis Associated with Dental Plaque Only

Gingivitis Associated with Dental Plaque Only

Gingivitis – can be best described as a bacterial infection of the gingival tissue caused by plaque (biofilm) at the gingival margin. Dental plaque-induced gingival diseases are characterized as gingivitis associated with dental plaque only with or without other local contributing factors. Local contributing factors may include:

  • Crowded or malpositioned teeth
  • Dental restorations
  • Orthodontic appliances

These factors do not cause gingivitis but act as plaque/biofilm traps that make oral hygiene techniques more difficult and less effective.

Gingivitis presents as:

  • Redness of the marginal gingiva
  • Gingival bleeding
  • Edema or enlarged gingiva
  • Gingival sensitivity and tenderness
  • No clinical attachment loss
  • Reversible to health once the causative plaque (biofilm) is removed