Classification of Gingival Diseases
Traumatic Lesions

Traumatic Lesions

These lesions can occur as a result of an unnatural event (factitious), a dental procedure (iatrogenic) or an unforeseen event (accidental). Factitious lesions tend to be more chronic in nature while iatrogenic and accidental lesions tend to be more acute and self-limiting. Permanent gingival defects may result from trauma and may need periodontal plastic surgery. Oral manifestations include burns, ulcers or areas of recession.

Chemical Injury

The improper use of aspirin or peroxide or use of snuff in the mouth can cause oral injury.

Image: Phenol burn
Phenol burn

Physical Injury

Malocclusion, removable partial dentures/retainers, and oral piercings; improper flossing; toothbrush trauma; and self-inflicted injuries are common causes of physical injury to the oral tissues.

Image: Floss cut
Floss cut

Thermal Injury

The most common cause of thermal injury to the oral region is hot foods/liquids such as pizza, burritos, coffee or soup.

Image: Burn