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Crest Pro-Health HD Step Paste System

Bleeding gums are not normal! Dental practice finds promising results with two-step home care product

Minor gum bleeding is common, but you don’t want your patients to think it’s normal. Lauren Gardner, RDH, evaluated a unique two-step approach to improve patients’ gingival health AND whiten their teeth—Crest Pro-Health [HD].
Gingivitis and Plaque Study

Gingivitis and Plaque; A Study of Effectiveness Across Power Brushes

This brief video highlights key learnings from a 6-week clinical study in which an oscillating-rotating power toothbrush provided significantly greater plaque and gingivitis reductions compared to a sonic toothbrush.
Protected by a Safe RDA

Protected by a Safe RDA

In her recent article, Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz, explains why toothpastes with an RDA value of 250 or less are safe for a lifetime of use. She explores the role of abrasives in toothpaste, describes the test method to measure abrasivity and discusses implications for patient care.

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