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Tobacco 101: A Guide to Working with Nicotine Addicted Patients

Course Number: 534


When discussing quitting smoking or tobacco use, many patients will say that they have to die from something, so why bother to quit. Unfortunately, some of the repercussions for this addiction are miserable chronic diseases that do not end quickly or pleasantly. Clearly, there are many challenges for the dental professional in trying to get their patients to quit this addiction. It takes time, is frustrating, requires education and an organization of the office team, and is rarely reimbursable. Despite all of that, the satisfaction one gets in watching someone break this addiction, and how it positively impacts them, as well as their friends and relatives is quite fulfilling in itself. In order to be effective, a dental office must be knowledgeable about tobacco and nicotine addiction, have resources such as brochures in the office to read, as well the contact information for counselors, and quit lines that are available in the area.