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Radiographic Techniques for the Pediatric Patient

Course Number: 63

Periapical/Occlusal Radiographs

Periapical/occlusal radiographs are indicated for identifying or confirming pathology, evaluating dental development, dento-alveolar trauma, deep carious lesions, periapical pathology, and oral involvement of systemic disease.

Occlusal radiographs are also indicated as a supplement for an unsatisfactory panoramic radiograph due to an abnormal incisor relationship, localizing tooth position, assessing the position of supernumerary teeth, pathological lesions, and traumatic injury to bone. They are taken in the primary dentition to detect extension of caries in maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth (Figure 3). Various aids may be used to position radiographs (hemostats, Snap-a-Ray®, XCP).

ce63-fig 3

Figure 3.