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Using an Evidence-based Approach to Making Patient Recommendations for Power Toothbrushes

Course Number: 648


Patients are more educated and asking more questions about their oral health. Dental professionals today can be overwhelmed by the number and variety of toothbrushes regularly surfacing on the market and the many differing technologies. All of these advances oblige dental professionals to seek information that will enable them to make the best product recommendations based on proven clinical effectiveness and gentleness, their own clinical experience, and patient preferences.

For the clinician who values a definitive body of peer-reviewed research demonstrating clinical effectiveness in plaque and gingivitis reduction and confirmed safety, both the O-R and sonic modes of power toothbrushes are significantly more effective than a manual toothbrush, with the majority of studies reporting that O-R technology is more effective than sonic technology. In addition, multiple research studies over 4 decades have demonstrated O-R’s high patient acceptability and increased compliance, and unlike most other power toothbrushes, all models of O-R brushes have received the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Thus, an O-R electric toothbrush may be the brush of choice.