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Peri-implantitis: All You Want (or not) To Know

Course Number: 680

Peri-Implant Re-Evaluation and Maintenance

Following the successful resolution of peri-implant diseases or even the initial completion of implant therapy (i.e., delivery of implant restoration), patients should receive regular implant maintenance therapy. The maintenance interval should be at least every 5–6 months; however it should be continuously updated or modified based on each patient’s risk for peri-implant diseases. During the maintenance therapy, clinicians should continuously monitor their patients for any recurrence or initiation of the disease. Regular implant maintenance therapy significantly lowers one’s risk for peri-implant diseases.1

ce680 - Images - Figure 11.

Figure 11. Plaque removal

ce680 - Images - Table 2

Table 2. A simplified flow-chart outlining each phase of managing implants with peri-implant disease – adopted from1