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Course Number: 702

Production Per Hour

Once you know the goals for production for the year and the production per day, the next step is to understand production per hour. It’s important to understand how hourly production is occurring and if it is meeting the daily and annual production goal. This is where a practice can begin to evaluate levels of efficiency. It is hard to analyze efficiency when looking at the annual and daily goals, but when you understand production per hour, it creates an opportunity to evaluate and analyze the reasons for any shortfalls.

In the morning meeting, it is recommended that practices determine exactly what services are needed for each hygiene patient coming in that day. This is certainly in the best interest of the patient; however, it can also increase the production per hour. Dentists and hygienists can also participate in enhancing the average production per hour by adding new services and technologies, recommending and dispensing oral home care products and prioritizing daily emergencies.