Collecting more of what you produce is essential for running a profitable practice. Read the articles in this section to help optimize collections in your practice…

3-3-3 Follow-Up

Dental debt collection – 3-3-3 method

One of the more unpleasant assignments in any practice is dental debt collection. At a time when dentists and their teams are trying so hard to acquire patients and build strong, l...

Overhead Control

Dental Office control spend spreadsheet

It costs quite a bit to keep a dental office running, and those operating expenses come out of practice revenues before you see any income. It’s impossible to avoid this “cost of d...

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance patients claim form

Dental insurance has become commonplace in most practices today. Dentists who formerly debated whether they should accept insurance now focus on which plans to accept and how to ac...

Payment Options

Dollar sign

Out-of-pocket costs for dental care are rising for patients, thanks to fewer adults having dental insurance and more insurance companies reducing coverage. Where does that leave pa...

Financial KPIs

Dental KPIs on Computer Screen

Your practice management software can probably generate a huge number of financial performance metrics. If you try to keep track of too few or too many of them—or the wrong ones—th... chat Let's get started!