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Motivational Interviewing: A Patient-Centered Approach to Elicit Positive Behavior Change

Course Number: 381

Clinical Case 2: Teresa

Video: Clinical Case 2: Teresa

This video segment explores how brief MI can be used to communicate health risks and health behavior change to improve oral health outcomes for a patient with Diabetes. As expected, the clinical response and healing after quadrant scaling and root planning in this patient with poor glycemic control is impaired. Teresa is clearly marginalized upon being told once again that she has failed to adequately manage her diabetes as clearly demonstrated by the disenfranchised look on Teresa's face. During the MI segment a very effective change talk strategy referred to as the Motivational ruler is employed. The use of the ruler allows the clinician to affirm the patient’s current level of importance, confidence and/or motivation to make a change - thus acknowledging their autonomy and responsibility for their own health. The use of the motivational ruler averts resistance, engages and provides an opportunity to explore options for change.