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Radiographic Selection Criteria

Course Number: 584


The selection criteria guidelines were developed to promote the appropriate use of x-radiation when conducting radiographic examinations in dentistry. Radiographic examinations are important for the proper diagnosis and treatment of dental patients as well as to monitor dentofacial development and the progress or prognosis of therapy.1 Prior to determining the need, type or frequency of a radiographic examination, the dentist should conduct a clinical examination, consider the patient’s dental and medical histories, evaluate any signs and symptoms of oral disease and consider environmental factors that may impact the patient’s oral health. The dentist should only prescribe a radiographic examination when the expected additional diagnostic information will affect care.

The recommendations provided in the guidelines are based on research from the published scientific literature and take into consideration risk factors that may impact the incidence of oral disease at various life stages. In addition, methods to minimize exposure to both patients and dental radiation workers are necessary to facilitate adherence to the ALARA Principle.