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Head and Neck Anatomy: Part I – Bony Structures

Course Number: 591

Lacrimal Bones

The paired lacrimal bones are found at the medial-anterior border of the orbit sandwiched between the maxilla and the ethmoid bone antero-posteriorly and superiorly with the frontal bone. Inferiorly it articulates with the maxilla and the inferior concha bone. It forms some of the medial wall of the orbit and a small part of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.

Openings – The lacrimal bone along with the maxilla forms a large opening, the nasolacrimal canal, which comprises much of the orbital surface of this bone. This canal contains the nasolacrimal duct which drains tears from the eye. Tears are constantly formed to cleanse the eye and need to be drained continually. This duct then drains into the nasal cavity through an opening into the inferior meatus.

Illustration highlighting the lacrimal bones
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